Culture springs forth from our rich history and Tobago has it in droves during the Tobago Heritage Festival. From traditional calypsos to Reel and Jig dances, you will be transported to another realm by our folklore and revered cultural tradition. Very often, part of the performances includes items used in everyday community life - cast iron and earthenware pots, crab-catchers and fishing nets. Certain elements of the festival also pay homage to village superstitions - bet you didn’t know, for instance, that it’s not a good idea to whistle at sea - it is said it makes the surrounding waters rough!

The most recognizable symbol of the Tobago Heritage Festival may be the traditional wedding procession through the streets of the island, but the festival is multi-faceted, including storytelling, exciting goat races, dances, cuisine and more - this uniquely Tobagonian celebration is a must-see!

We also have our own version of our sister isle’s bigger Carnival celebration - Tobago Fest! You can "jump up" (dance) to calypso under a moonlit sky, take in the many Carnival shows and steelband competitions, and generally have a good time! What is wonderful about this event is that it honours the genesis of Carnival, offering visitors the chance to see characters that are becoming lost as the bigger celebration becomes more modern. You will be delighted by the Speech and Tobago Bands that sing and tell jokes from house to house, dressed in extravagant costumes. It’s a fun, cherished part of Carnival that can only be experienced in Tobago!

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